Virginia Melnyk received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2007. And her Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design 2010. She has worked at leading architecture firms in LA, London, New York City, and Beijing. She is Currently a lecturer at Clemson University, and a PhD student in the DigtialFutures international PhD program at Tongji University.


Virginia’s work is deeply embedded in the explorations of playfulness in design. Her projects often bring in color and bits of whimsy. She explores these ideas through conceptual design projects and art installations. These works are all designed with computers and engage parametric and other digital modeling techniques. The physical manifestations are studied through relationships of hand craft and digital design. The process engages a feedback loop between the digital and the real world material constraints. Often working with off the shelf or uncommon materials such as textiles. Most of the work is meant to be tactile and engaged with.