Virginia Melnyk received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2007, and her Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design 2010. She has worked at leading architecture firms in LA, London, New York City, and Beijing. She is Currently a research assistant at University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture, and a PhD student in the DigtialFutures international PhD program at Tongji University.


Virginia’s work explores the relationship of craft and digital making. She works with largely with textiles reflecting on the traditions of feminist crafting. The results of these works are tactile, transformable and often temporary installations and experiments. She enjoys to playing with color, texture, and bits of whimsy in her designs. Her works uses advanced computational methods, parametric modeling and other digital modeling techniques to design. While the physical manifestations are fabricated through the methods of hand craft and digital making. Her process engages a unique feedback loop between the digital and the physical material constraints.