Inspired by a simple quilt; a blanket while at home people use to warm themselves individually. Taken out of context, enlarged, and wrapped around the life guard chair. It becomes a new kind of comfort.
Its form is no longer flexible but architectural and rigid. Its structure is supportive of the exaggerated scale and increased weight of the blanket. Undulating up and down at different heights creating pockets of space for exploration and warmth.
Its rigidity defines spaces of various scales making, cozy places for one or larger spaces for groups.
The structure is composed of a waffle grid of wood between the waffle’s is full of foam stuffing, and coated in soft velvet fabric. The soft outer surface is cozy to snuggle up against, meanwhile the foam filling insulates and absorbs heat from the sun.
The Beach Blanket is comforting and warm, reminiscent of the same smaller blanket that you’d snuggle up with at home.
Project details: