Dynamic, playful, and wonderfully iconic. The Chair Flair is a folly of repetition and beauty. The warm wood colors from the cedar Adirondack chairs stacked together in an organic pattern. The legs and arms sticking out like quills of a hedgehog. Cute and Poky.

The Adirondack chairs are prefabricated and mass produced, so easy to come pre-purchased and ready to use. Assembly will consist of connecting the chairs together with brackets for support and stability. Segments can be connected off site in sections and brought to the site on the ferry. Once on the island they can be finally attached into the formation of the pavilion.

The purchasing of chairs can be funded through a kickstarted campaign. Where high donors can get a chair to sent to them in the fall. Meanwhile middle range donors can get their names painted on to chairs that will be part of the pavilion. After the summer the chairs can be scattered around the park and used for future park furniture for years to come. The Figment City Of Dreams logo and information can be on the chair and act as future advertisement. Along with chairs being sent to other participating Figment cities and events.

The pavilion is memorable because of its beauty, but also has a long lasting life in the park as furniture for years to come.

Project details: