CMYplay is a playground for children and adults alike packed into the thickness of The Cooper Union’s New Academic Building. Composed entirely out of three interweaving networks at a density befitting Manhattan, this tangle of tubes is rooted in the spirit of homo ludens, emphasizing the importance of play in a city which sometimes takes itself a little too seriously. Typically the facade is merely a transition space, lacking in any sort of program or activity. The New Academic Building thickens that façade to create a semi-sheltered zone of interaction. CMYplay capitalizes on that extra depth, filling it with activity and bringing life to an traditionally purely functional space. The translucent, brightly colored tubes seem to grow around the existing exposed columns of the Milavec Hakimi Gallery entrance, engulfing them. Colored light filters through while silhouettes race within. Three simple, modules combine to create a grid-work of three-dimensional movement, forming traditional playground staples like slides and ladders, slipping out to become benches, and thinning within to allow for pockets of gathering and relief. At the end of the installation, tubes will be distributed to local schools and parks, allowing for virtually no waste and continuing the concepts of fun, movement, and activity for the foreseeable future.

Designed in collaboration with Adam Hostetler

Project details: