A contemporary digital take on the idea of crystallized hanging ceiling lighting. Designed  for the Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To my Room art event during January 2016. The design was developed using Grasshopper for rhino to aggregate clusters of tetrahedrons in to a natural crystalline growth like pattern.  The design is made up of 5 individual crystal structures, each constructed from acrylic tubes and fabric. The tubes create the structural framework and shape while the fabric gently spans the shape to create the overall form.

LED strip lights are programmed to react to the visitors below. With color changing lights to enhance various reflections from the iridescent fabric, and motion censored lights to react to the movements of people below.

The Crystal Chandelier enhances the lobby space becoming more active and entertaining while taking a new approach to the form of hung ceiling lighting.

Project details:
  • Client: Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To my Room 2016
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