A Site specific installation in the studio space at Byrdcliffe Art Guild during August 2017. The installation responds to the context of the windows and lighting inside the studio space.
Influenced by a Sol Lewitt drawing where the corners of all the elements on the wall are connected to one another. The corners of the windows in the studio space are connected by red ropes. Each corner connected to the others. This generated a spatial frame work relating the entry points of light into the studio.
The white fabric is hung between these ropes in triangular shapes. These fabrics are connected from corner to corner to move across the space and create density and sparsity across the framework.
Experienced as moving around the studio light and views are fractured and broken by the fabrics.
Project details:
  • Client: Byrdcliffe Art Guild 2017
  • Category:
  • Materials: Nylon, Rope, White Paint