Abstract bodies are bulbous blobs. The geometry reflecting an abstract body of curves, folds and crevasses. They wrinkle and bulge as the fabric pushes and stretches under the pneumatic pressure.

Geometry based on natural forms found in rock formations, tree roots, mushrooms, amoeba, and fluid movement. The geometry is model with subdivision modeling in MAYA, and then manipulated into simplified panels using Grasshopper in rhino. predictions of inflated forms are studies using Kangaroo physics to see the potential physical responses of the materials.

The geometry is transferred on to fabric pieces which is then machine sewn together. And details are added for the blower fan and loops for tent stakes to attach to the ground at site.

The resulting design is white and bulbous during the day, but at night are activated and glowing by color changing lights. The illuminate the surrounding area in color and cast shadows of silhouetted people as they walk by and engage.

Project details:
  • Client: Blink Cincinnati
  • Project Started: October 10, 2019
  • Category: