Gradient Grid is a site specific temporary installation built for the Toronto Design Off Site festival 2015. Designed to transform the window front of a local letterpress print shop, the installation acts as a screening device. Formed by a series of truncated pyramids nested together, the yellow and blue shapes begin to obscure and define views. As pedestrians in the street move past the window, their movement around the screen transforms their visibility. From the shop interior light is basked in the bright color as it reflects through the oculi of the screen and into the shop. The gradient grid uses two colors, shifting dominance between the two as the apertures open and close offering more or less presence.

Parametric modeling was used to adjust design options and rapidly produce varying outcomes of the density, aperture sizes, and gridded proportions. The final assembly lends more to a craft work with 336 pieces of blue and yellow corrugated plastic, cut by hand and precisely laid to fit within the notched wooden framework.  The final outcome is a brightly colored icon for the window store front to stand out from the typical winter street scape.

Project details:
  • Client: Toronto Design Off Site Festival 2015
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