“Hoop-Ball’ emerged out of a continued exploration and experimentation with aggregations of mass produced objects. Built at the Free City 2014 two day event in Flint Michigan. Using 160 hula hoops, to construct a light geometrical structure assembled together with cable ties, forming a bubble like ball. The base geometry is a dodecahedron, assembled from 12 hula hoops, repeating and aggregating into an outline of a cumulus cloud. Exploring the relationship between light and shadow through mathematical and geometric organizations.  This investigation of what a single mass produced children’s toy, rearranged into a 3 dimensional volume, can inspire in the imagination of the viewer. Rethinking building materials as something other than the typical but, that a simple mass produced toy that can be assembled into build forms beyond the expected and disassembled back to its original use. After the installation the hula hoops were donated to a local charity to continue life as its intended use.
Project details:
  • Client: Free City 2014, Flint Michigan
  • Category:
  • Materials: Hula Hoops, Zip ties