2014 Warming Hut competition entry

Ice Crystal arrives from a series of aggregations and adjustments inspired by the way that snowflakes and ice crystals are formed. Using computational design to generate growth cycles and manually manipulating outputs for desired proportions and organization, the structure arises from the assembled tetrahedrons. Each of the different generations which combine to shape the pavilion built on top of one another and decrease in scale every new generation. The proposed frame work ¬†would be made from PVC pipes with unique connectors at all the joints digitally fabricated with 3d printing. The surfaces of the tetrahedrons is made from silver Mylar, commonly used as “space blankets” or emergency blankets. The space blanket feels warm by reflecting heat

from the body back onto the body. The Ice crystal warming hut feels warm, in contrast it’s cool iceberg ¬†like appearance on the icy landscape. But once inside colors of the skaters clothes begin to reflect around the Mylar walls producing and kaleidoscope effect inside the Ice Crystal warming hut.

Project details: