The Ribbon folly is a design proposal for an urban folly. Unlike a typical folly located in a rolling english garden the Ribbon folly is surrounded by urban fabric. Therefore its design, instead of mimicking Greek or historical architectural styles as traditional follie does. The Ribbon folly takes the approach to mimic nature and the formations of fluid formations. The swooping pavilion is created by the agglomeration of a singular flowing pattern. The pattern is made from the folding of a continuous sheet of veneer wood. The parameters to develop pattern were modeled through studying the dynamic principles of natural systems and mimicked using parametric modeling techniques. The result is thickened surface that folds over to create a habitable interior. The depth of the surface allows light to filter in a natural specular pattern like light through tree leaves. The Ribbon folly manages to create the architectural monumentality of a folly by using the technology of parametric modeling to mirror the beauty of nature.
Project details: