Fabric hangs soft in its draping curtain form. Like air it flows and waves with the winds.
Take an image of rocky mountain tops and blue skies, heavy mountains weigh down the image, meanwhile the clear blue sky lifts the image into light and airy atmosphere. Inhabiting the Void inverses this image by applying the image of the blue sky to light silky fabric, giving it materiality and removing the mountains from the fabric all together leaving a void where the solidity used to be.
A 3-D volume of the mountains formed by a series of curves expressing the gesture of the rocky formations. These curves become the lines on which the curtains will be hung. Spreading at the edges and tightening in the middle creating a varied density and experience. This inverted relationship lets visitors explore the skies. From the outside of the installation the curtains appear as solid skies. But as you walk inside you begin to see the curtains rise and multi-layers expressed as the volumetric void of the mountains takes shape. The density of the curtains in he middle forces visitors to touch and interact. A gradient through different shades of blue to pink as the sky transitions through the different times of day, is printed on each curtain creating a time line as you traverse from one end to the other.
Inhabiting the void is a new experience where you can wander through the skies and gather inside the cavity created by the volume of the removed mountains.
Project details: