STAR STRUCTURE is made out of a material that is reflective and responds to the existing activity and environment, but its facets bend and reflect and distort this location in to a new kaleidoscopic experience.
STAR STRUCTURE is inspired by the repetition of sacred geometry; eight euclidean tetrahedrons are assembled together into a three dimensional star. Each star is made of 24 panels which are perforated with holes. The holes disrupt the reflections and give a break to the disorientation to understand the form. At night the perforations are illuminated from lights whit in the tetrahedral stars, that are solar powered. The 216 panels are made out of highly polished metal, and have tabs to connect each together with bolts. They are unique and individually digitally fabricated. After use the Metal can easily be recycled and reused for different purposes.

In total nine stars are stacked together to create a pyramid shaped structure over the lifeguard chair. There is an opening in the middle between the stars where one can enter and momentarily find shelter among the reflective surfaces. At night it illuminates generating
more attraction as humans are drawn to its curious glow like moths. People engage with the Reflection Riot as the move around and through the and their bodies are reflected on to the surface making it appear as it is moving and responding to them.

Project details:
  • Project Started: December 01, 2017
  • Category:
  • Materials: Reflective metal
  • Dimensions: 12' x 12' x 8'