Using structural elements of the triangle, the Star Sukkah’s design aggregates tetrahedrons to work as a structural space-frame. The overall structure is made out of cross bracing large members and smaller decorative members. The largest structural beams are 20ft long and notched and lashed together with rope. Because of the triangular shapes all the beams are angled, creating a sturdy structural cross bracing. The smaller structural members attach to this main frame for secondary support, and decoration. Large portions of the Sukkah can thus be assembled off site and quickly attached to the structure on site.  The overall repetition of triangles becomes attractive and hides the main structure. It also creates pattering of light and shadows, as well as depth and diversity in the walls and roof.  In the aggregation of tetrahedrons also appears a Star of David from certain angles. The arrangement of tetrahedrons is symmetric along the triangle, and there are three doorways to enter the Sukkah. The door ways are low making you bow down and be humbled as you enter the space. The s’chach is made out of woven reeds. Giving the overall structure the appearance of wicker furniture.

The Star Sukkah brings this playful spiky shape and furniture like materials together to be something that seems familiar and yet unfamiliar at the same time, generating curiosity and thoughtfulness.

Project details:
  • Client: Detroit Sukkah Festival
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