Summer Igloo was an cradle to cradle pavilion built at the 2014 C!here Art Crawl in Beijing.  The idea is to build a small intimate space with in a large public area. Using a normal every day object in this case the inflatable pool toys, to create a geodesic dome. The pavilion becomes a small happy playful space with in the large housing developments of Beijing. Inviting people to come inside and see a new perspective of the surroundings. After the event all the Inflatable pool toys were donated to a charity for local children to enjoy.

Rebuilt as a series of four color coordinated igloos for the Boston PlayDay 2015. Each igloo was arranged at the Lawn on D to become a small intimate playhouse. At the end of the event the igloos were dismantled and the toys were given to each of the visitors of the event to take home.

Project details:
  • Client: 2014 C!here Art Crawl in Beijing
  • Category: