Urban Interiorities is a new approach to the night club experience.  Situated between and responding to the vibrant and eclectic youth culture of Harajuku and the high-end fashion streets of Omontesando, the urban club merges these youthful and luxurious styles. Consisting of a large meet and greet entry area, sushi restaurant, sake bar, music lounge and two VIP rooms, the club allows for highly differentiated and unique characteristics of space.

The volume of the club is punctuated with spaces that are purely sweet, pillowy, or fibrous, although the majority of the project is found in the transitions between these extremes. Pockets of intensity are held within a white framework, creating the zones of spatiality, surficiality, and crenulation, each associated with a distinct program. These characteristics operate with a near independence of the framework, where the two elements can respond and work in parallel or in contrast to achieve unique relationships and transitions. The variability of this nested system is what allows for the atmospheres and environments of the night club, to shift between intense moments of saturation and blended moments of mixed qualities and use.

Designed as a student project at UPenn
In collaboration with Tiffany Dahlen

Project details: