GE Garages is a place where ideas can grow and spread. The Y proposal uses a simple component, a small branch or letter “Y” shaped unit. This single unit is connected together to expand and grow to fill the Story window front. The initial installation consist of various materials and fabrication methods as to be an advertisement of the possibilities at the GE Garages fabrication workshop with in. The construction uses the strength of the different materials to its advantage  locating CNC milled metal and wood units to the bottom for support and 3d printed and laser-cut units to the top. These different materials give Y a playful and collective appearance, and acknowledge the organization of the branching as you can follow a chain of metal pieces all the way to the starting branch.  Once GE Garages opens, the idea is that visitors who come can move around the branches to redesign Y’s pattern, or fabricate their own branches to add on to and further spread the idea of growing. Y is simple, Y is easy to construct, Yet Y holds the ability to grow into a complex accumulation of the possibilities, the people, and their designs that are brought to GE Garages. In the end Y tells the “Story” of fabrication, of the people who visit GE Garages, the designs they create, and the growing accessibility to fabrication.
Project details: